Educational Institutions – A Foundation For School Education

School is the primary foundation of imparting knowledge to a kid. It provides kids with an opportunity to get knowledge in different fields of education, including people, history, literature, math, science, and many others. It helps children in becoming good human beings by inculcating values like respect, cooperation, honesty, punctuality, responsibility, self-control, and safety. Furthermore, it is through school that kids are able to learn their moral identity and basic human rights.


In India, there are many government educational institutions that provide primary school education to children. However, it is a rather challenging task for parents to send their children for primary school education in an Indian educational institution. This is because government schools usually do not encourage students to learn further, instead they just spoon feed them with whatever the government wants them to learn. The teaching methods employed by the school often neglects the development of children and often makes them lose interest in learning. Thus, parents often feel helpless and frustrated when their children fail to catch up with the pace of their peers. Though parents are the most important factor in sending their children for school, there are also certain institutions that can help your child in getting through school without much difficulty.

The PSE (common doctrines rules) and SSSC (special school conditions rule) provide detailed instruction regarding the objectives and methodologies of secondary education in India. These are basically the guidelines that are followed by the Indian government, local authorities, educational institutions, and parents while sending children for primary school instruction in any form. The basic types of instruction covered under this: