Importance of Nutrition in Food

Food is a substance we eat to sustain life and provide essential nutrients to the human body. The basic nutrients found in food are fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and essential vitamins. Typically, it is made from animal, plant, or fungal sources. In order to maintain health, food should contain the essential nutrients. A person’s diet should include a variety of foods to meet different dietary requirements. In this article, we will discuss the importance of nutrition in food.


What is food? Food is any substance consumed by a living organism for the purpose of nutrition. It is the main source of energy and sustaining vital processes. It is derived from animal, plant, or fungal sources and is consumed by an animal for nutritional purposes. Different species have evolved unique feeding behaviours to meet their unique metabolic needs. The definition of food includes food that comes from both animal and plant sources. However, the term “food” is often referred to as ‘nutrients’ or ‘energy’.

Historically, humans sourced food from hunts and gathering. With the advent of agricultural technology, people began to settle in new areas and create new culinary traditions. Globalization and trade have increased availability of ingredients and foods. In addition to enhancing human health, food is the source of energy for human beings. Hence, it is important to have a varied diet and understand the different types of foods available in the world. You can always look for a variety of food items in your local area.