Marketing Mix – Four Ps Of Marketing


Marketing Mix – Four Ps Of Marketing

Marketing is a way of conveying ideas and making a product or service available to buyers. Marketing deals with the act of bringing together a group of people who have common interests, aims and goals and use them to identify and solve problems. Marketing therefore is not a discrete event but involves a series of activities aimed at improving the overall quality of a business and its ability to satisfy customers.

Marketing is a very broad concept, which is often misunderstood by many people. The four Ps of marketing are usually taken to be the core elements of marketing. However, marketing encompasses much more than this, as it also involves such things as advertising and promotional activities, sales promotion, and research and development, for example. These other aspects of marketing are what make up the more specific forms of marketing:

A coordinated marketing concept is simply a set of activities that help a business achieve its marketing objective. In order for a business to succeed in the modern marketplace, it has to be able to provide a comprehensive marketing package to customers, providing value and satisfying consumers. The term “coordinated marketing” was first used by the American Association of Retired Persons in their tripartient guide to living a successful retirement. The tripartient definition of coordinated marketing is: “a complete and flexible package of services designed to meet the needs of the retired person and his or her family.”