Marketing Myopia


Marketing Myopia

Marketing is an important tool for business promotion. It can help you to promote products or services and bring them into the limelight. Marketing is the act of deliberately stimulating interest for purchases of services and products; possibly including selection of an appropriate target audience; choice of certain characteristics or themes for marketing materials; and use of social norms to communicate with customers. Marketing is also concerned with the creation of awareness, which may be manifested by certain events such as conventions, trade shows, product launches, publicity tours, and product demonstrations.

Marketing as a concept is far from clear. Many different elements are involved in the efficient running of a marketing program. Proper marketing is based on several factors like the definition of customer needs, analysis of competitors, creation of a compelling marketing message, and utilization of advertising and marketing tools. The success of any marketing campaign depends on the ability of the company to properly define and realize customers needs and expectations. Properly coordinated marketing plans should not only satisfy current customers needs, but also supply customers with the products or services that they might not be able to obtain for themselves.

A few marketing concepts are helpful in helping businesses to successfully compete and develop. Customer orientation marketing is one such concept, which encourages companies to provide their customers with value added services at the most reasonable prices. Developing a superior product concept is another useful concept which encourages organizations to invest in research and development of new products which solve problems in ways that are desirable to customers. Finally, using appropriate marketing techniques and strategies to communicate information to customers and build customer satisfaction is another important concept which encourages organizations to provide value added services and products at reasonable prices.