Travel Around the State of Connecticut This Holiday Season


Travel Around the State of Connecticut This Holiday Season

Travel is the transport of humans between different distant geographic locations. Travel can be either one-way or round trip, and generally can be one-way or multiple ways. It is a form of moving from one place to another. Travel is often used for business, pleasure or is a necessity. There are various modes of travel that we use today, but the most popular modes are air travel, rail travel, truck travel and boat travel. A few ways to travel are by car, railway, bicycle, bus or even on foot.

Traveling by Air – The travel of passengers by airplane or air during the month of December saw increases of nearly six percent compared to the year before. There were no longer any published travel restrictions in force concerning travelers within the state of Connecticut. The only restriction was that passengers who were considered medically unfit should not fly. There were no published regulations for how many layovers were permitted or for how long passengers would be off the plane. It is estimated that nine out of every ten commercial flights in the country did not operate during December because of weather conditions. Most of these flights had to divert or land at airports that are temporarily isolated due to weather.

Travelers to Connecticut were able to continue traveling during the holidays and were safe to do so, according to public health officials. Travelers who were traveling by car were also able to travel safely. According to the Connecticut Department of Transportation, there were no public safety reports being issued concerning the travel issues of December.