An Outline About Each Function of a Designer

The job of a designer is quite challenging, as there are many elements involved in the whole process. A designer plays a pivotal part in a creative firm. With elements such as typography, photography, illustration and sketches, a designer is able to absorb recent visual trends and apply them in exciting and new ways. Designers today have many options to choose from and to work on. Designers can either set up their own firm or they can even start a freelance designing job.


A fashion designer designs clothes for men and women. They are responsible for giving individual attention to each piece of clothing while providing the best possible designs to their clients. If we look at the history of fashion design then it was the invention of new patterns and designs by the great designers in the past, which gave a revolutionary shape to women’s clothing. The work of a fashion designer is far more complex than just designing clothes as they require thorough knowledge of the market, current trends, marketability and profitability. Fashion designers can either work for a particular brand or help to establish a new brand through their innovative designs.

A graphic designer designs symbols, logos and other designs for the products like books, magazines, brochures and promotional materials. They are in charge of making these designs easy to understand and appealing to the viewer. A graphic designer can work in conjunction with a marketing professional, who has in-depth experience in conceptualizing product designs. Graphic designers are in high demand today, as they help to convey the message of a company or organization to its potential customers.