Attendance Requirements for School

A school is a public educational establishment designed to offer learning zones and learning settings for the education of students in a given area under the guidance of qualified teachers. Most states have systems of public schooling, which may be required as a condition of receiving a public education. In such systems, students normally progress through a sequence of primary, secondary, and tertiary schools. In some systems, children are taught from birth. The majority of children residing in the United States attend public school.


In Canada, a child has the legal right to attend public school, but parents may also home school their children. In most cases, a child will remain in the public school system until he reaches the age of 16. Home schooling is considered an option for many parents who believe that they cannot provide the disciplined environment that public schools provide.

At the time of enrollment, the child must follow all of the rules and regulations of the school, including the dress code. School can be attended during regular school hours or at any other time, the student can get an advanced notice. After the first day of class, the child may attend school in the morning, afternoon, or at night. Parents should provide the school with a photocopy of the identification card and birth certificate of the child so that school officials can verify the information.