Design Jobs Within the Design Business

A designer is someone who crafts something from scratch, often by planning the shape or layout of something in advance before it’s ever made. Most people think of architects when they hear the word ‘designer,’ but a designer has many careers that don’t involve creating new structures or works of art. Instead, a designer might work for a company as an illustrator or graphic designer, for instance, creating concept art or research and development for upcoming products. In a lot of different ways, the designer’s work is just as important to the creation of a new product as it is to conceptualize it.

A lot of different kinds of designers do a variety of different kinds of design work. For instance, interior designers might be responsible for designing environments for businesses like hotels, resorts, or offices. In this kind of designer career, a designer will often collaborate with architects or landscape designers to get an interior designer vision onto a physical space. This is known as planning.

Industrial designers, meanwhile, usually create products such as buildings or automobiles. This kind of designer job entails a lot of heavy duty machinery, which means that industrial designer job duties may involve working at a construction site for long periods of time, as well as building relationships with other people such as fellow industrial designers. Many industrial designers also have to have a wide knowledge of the way technology works, along with good problem-solving skills and creative thinking. If you’re interested in one of these careers, you can do a lot worse than to find a degree in industrial design at a reputable college and begin working towards a promising future as an industrial designer.