Designer Babies – The Secrets Behind Their Creation

Designer dresses can be described as those dresses that are worn and designed by professional designers. The term designer is derived from the French word which means fashionable, in reference to the way these clothes are designed, hence the designer dresses are always in vogue and highly fashionable. It can be safely assumed that all designers have a similar taste in clothes as it is almost impossible to classify them based on how their clothes look. A designer’s taste in clothes is always reflected in the way the clothes look on him and his ability to create something new out of thin air. As the term designer is often used to describe a person who designs clothes, a designer is, in fact, a person who designs clothes.


To put it simply, a designer is someone who can make you look good, in spite of having a million things on his plate. A designer is not only found in big fashion houses but is also available in boutiques, coffee shops and even small office shops. The term designer is commonly used by people who work in the designing field and is mostly used in reference to those who work professionally within one of the different design fields, usually defining which field is being handled (for example, a fashion designer, interior designer or website designer). Designers either work freelance or they work for an organization that has its own line of clothing that is sold under its brand name; however, the most famous designers are those who work independently.

So, what makes a designer baby? Is it because the designer is a parent himself; therefore, he has the necessary experience in making clothes for little kids; or is it that genetic engineering has allowed the creation of designer babies who do not look like any other babies; or is it both? Well, genetic engineering is very expensive, so not every designer baby can be created via this method. However, you may argue that there is no way that parents could intentionally produce something that would look anything like its counterpart; thus, designer babies are what they are. Nevertheless, with this new technology and its high success rate, designer babies are certainly on their way.