A designer is a person who designs things or objects, and who may be an architect, designer, or designer. A designer is usually defined by some kind of physical criterion, and may be a single person, a pair of people, a company or an organization. A designer’s job is to devise the arrangement of parts so that the end result will be useful or convenient. A designer can be defined by a set of rules or a set of procedures.

A graphic designer is a person who does all the work necessary for designing and producing an object or a set of objects from scratch, usually with the help of a machine. Designing is the act of planning and arranging all the parts of the thing so that they will be useful to the person who uses them. A graphic designer does not only deal with the arrangement of the parts, but also with the production of the visual images or the representations of the things. All the three types of designers are divided in two groups: one group specializes in producing products and the other in designing only products.

Interaction design deals with the arrangements of parts and systems so that they can be used in real life. An interaction designer will use interaction design principles for computer animated visual effects, computer graphic, 3D visualization and video games. An industrial designer will use industrial design principles for products and structures, but will not use the term in the context of art. Other kinds of designers are decorators, educators and architects, just to name a few.