Nutrition – Food Source For Bacteria


Nutrition – Food Source For Bacteria

The word food refers to any material consumed to supply nutrition to an organisms. In a human body, food is composed of food substances that are consumed to maintain the normal functioning of the human body, which may include the regulation of body temperature, the maintenance of the composition of body fluids, the storage of energy, the development and growth of body tissues, the maintenance of the status of the metabolic processes and the maintenance of the balance of the nutritional components of the body. In fact, food is of three different kinds: animal, plant and fungus.

Animal food refers to any food that derives from the tissues and flesh of animals; plants refer to any food that derives from the leaves, stem, bark, fruit and flowers of plants and fungi; and fish comprises the food that is obtained by living aquatic animals and by the accumulation of food debris on the fish’s body surface during the process of respiration. Animal food diets usually contain more fat and therefore are recommended as a primary food for the animals; plant foods are generally low in fat content and are usually employed in the preparation of meat and dairy products, whereas fungi are rich in proteins and therefore form an important part of the diet of animals, but are largely rejected as food for humans. Fungi are a vital part of the diets of infants, old persons and growing children and therefore they form an important part of the balanced diet.

Food, in the purest sense of the term, is food that can provide the necessary nutrition and other important nutrients to the body. It may not be possible to obtain all the necessary nutrients in food through the natural process of food consumption, because nature has provided only a very limited amount of such nutrients in diverse food types. Hence, the human body has developed a series of additional sources through which it obtains the necessary nutrition from food. Food is categorized into three main categories, including dietary food, regional food and industrial food.