President Obama and His Team Are Demanding That Brands Define Marketing

Marketing is an act of creating awareness of products or services through various methods, of creating sales by matching market pre-qualification with potential customers, and of providing information to potential customers about products and services offered. Marketing is also the promotion of products and services by using communication media, such as print, broadcast, and Internet. Marketing also involves research, the analysis of consumer data, and the creation of product or service descriptions and promotions. Marketing is used to acquire new customers, to maintain customer loyalty, and to increase profit.


In addition, marketing is an act of optimizing the marketing mix to achieve the most favorable results from the limited marketing budget. Marketing and advertising agencies determine the marketing mix by analyzing market competition, assessing current media planning and buying plans, determining the cost effectiveness of media and developing appropriate marketing programs. With the help of professionals, a firm can improve its position in the market by enhancing brand awareness, reducing cost, and increasing product durability. A quality marketing agency makes efforts to enhance the brand image by offering consistent, and compelling messages to the targeted consumers. Additionally, marketing agencies make efforts to improve the consumer experience by improving the product quality, appealing to the emotional response of the consumer, and by understanding the psychology of buying.

President Obama and his team of marketing gurus want America to be number one. The key is to develop a plan and a strategy that will drive our economy forward and ensure our nation’s success. The marketing definitions presented earlier will help define what marketing really is. Marketing isn’t just about sending out thousands of brochures and making expensive commercials; it is about understanding your consumers and their purchasing habits and constantly staying connected with them. When you consider that a large percent of potential consumers will skip the first step of marketing and choose a company that understands them and offers them the solutions they need, you can see why President Obama and his marketing team are focusing on communicating with consumers on all different channels.