The Benefits of Hiking

Travel is the traveling of individuals between very near geographical locations. Travel can either be one-way, round trip or multi-stop, and usually can be one way travel. Some examples of these are flying to New York City from London, traveling from Phoenix to Los Angeles, flying from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, flying to Miami, flying to San Francisco, flying from Los Angeles to New York City or traveling between London and New York City. There is also single-day cruise travel between Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, flying from San Diego to Boston, flying to Miami or Dallas, flying from Seattle to Las Vegas, flying to New Orleans, or driving a truck between London and New York. In addition, there is also airfare between many U.S. cities and many overseas destinations.


In the past, the primary mode of travel was horse-and-carriage. However, with the advent of the automobile, various cultures around the world began to travel by air. By the early twentieth century, however, many developed means of communicating using radios and telexes. Thus, with the opening up of communication worldwide, as well as the growth of international tourism, air travel became cheaper and more widespread. Now, people travel all over the world, regardless of culture, language, or time zone.

With the advancement in technology and travel, now people can easily travel between places within the same country by taking a plane, railroad, bus or train. For example, a person can easily fly to Tokyo, Japan, take a ferry to Brisbane, Australia, drive a rental car to New York, spend the day at the new place, and then fly back to Sydney, Australia. Likewise, people can fly to Toronto, Canada, take a flight to Las Vegas, Nevada, drive to Salt Lake City, Utah or Los Angeles, California, spend the day there and return to their home countries. The ability to do such travel has opened up a new route for those living in rural areas, or far from an airport: hitchhiking. In fact, hitching your ride to your final destination may be the most economical method of travel today. Thus, instead of spending large sums of money on plane tickets and rail tickets, hitchhiking is an inexpensive way of travelling between two places.