The Definition of Sport

The meaning of sport in layman’s terms is essentially the performance of an act that combines skill and physical dexterity in pursuit of an athletic goal, often in competition with other human beings. The word “sport” is often used in association with contact sports such as football and soccer. It is also used in association with activities that involve throwing or hitting of an object with the feet or body, including wrestling, rugby, basketball and volleyball. The most common forms of competitive sport are ice hockey, American football and lacrosse.

The word “sport” has other meanings in layman’s terms and these include recreational activities, competitive activities and games, and sporting events. A sport can be undertaken competitively or casually, and may involve physical contact with objects, whether the contact is voluntary or not. There are many different types of games, competitions and activities. A sport that can be classed as recreational is one in which the participants don’t view it as being primarily competitive, and which allows them to do things that may be seen as recreational, such as riding roller coaster rides, skateboarding, mountain biking and other similar activities.

In more modern times, a sport can be undertaken as a competition, and is therefore known as a sport. Sport refers to anything that a participant does in pursuit of an award or victory. Competitions can take the form of gamesmanship, where two contestants are put into an obstacle course and the one who completes the course fastest is declared the winner. Other popular types of competition include endurance competitions, in which a participant is timed to the point at which he can complete a race within the time frame specified, and speed competitions, where the pace of a runner is gauge by the total number of meters he can cover in a set time. The definition of sport can also be used to describe physical skill. A game of sport can be defined as any activity carried out with an aim to achieve a competition result, or with an aim to demonstrate the skills of a participant to a neutral third party, such as a judge.