The Definition Of Sport


The Definition Of Sport

Sport can broadly be defined as any activity undertaken for the purpose of exercising physical fitness and to develop particular skills in an interaction or competition with other people. A sporting activity can also be a participation in any physical contact sport (i.e. contact sport such as contact soccer, American football, rugby or Australian football) or a physical contest with other individuals, the winner of which receives monetary or non-monetary rewards.

A sporting activity can be described as an organised physical activity in which the participants are engaged in a game that is supervised by a governing body that has established rules of etiquette and safety designed to protect both participants and spectators. A sport can also be defined by a collection of related activities that are conducted by professional or semi-professional sport officials or sport educators who supervise athletic, competitive, or team practices, competitions, and events. Most governing bodies that oversee various types of sporting activities define sport in a way that includes games such as contact sports, sport specific equipment, sportswear, athletic training and coaching, and competition among others. A sport can also be the application of a system of rules or a strategy to an activity.

There are several different types of professional sports that the major sporting organisations in the world today recognise. These include Association Football, Australian Football League, British Golf, Cricket, Carlingford Ladies Golf, English Golf, and International Cricket. Professional sport can further be broken down into sports that are predominantly of a physical nature and sport that is not predominantly of a physical nature. In some ways it would be an oversimplification to describe major sport as merely “contact sport”. In other words there are several different types of sport and the term sport could apply to any of these types.