The Most Popular Type of School

A school is an educational establishment designed to offer learning spaces and specific learning environments for the education of students in a classroom under the supervision of qualified teachers. Most developed countries have systems of public education, which may be compulsory or not. In such systems, students continue progressing through a number of secondary schools. In some countries, however, the school system is freer than this, with parents retaining the right to send their children to private schools or specialised centres. Private schools are generally the most expensive way to go for quality education, however, and here we will take a look at some of the available options.


Schools in the early modern period were extremely limited, and often housed in squatter’s houses and poorly insulated. Students had very little chance to interact with others, and there was very little chance that they would be exposed to different cultures or experiences. Much of the education of the later middle ages was based around books and the reading of texts. Things like grammar, literature and philosophy were very rarely covered in schools, and those that did teach these things rarely remembered them, or indeed cared about them beyond the basic level.

Schools in the early modern era were designed as academies, and the focus was on producing the best students. Academics were the most important people in society, and they received the most recognition and respect. There was actually a time when the school closed down completely as a result of the growing popularity of studying for exams and the huge expense of studying.