Types of Travel


Types of Travel

Travel is the habitual movement of humans between very different, yet often very close, geographical locations. Travel can also be voluntary, such as on holiday, hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, and is one way or another, between one place and another. The object of travel is to visit and enjoy the site or area in question. There are two types of travel, the first being commercial travel and the second being noncommercial travel.

Commercial travel is travel that is intended to bring something (a product or service) from one place to another. A good example of commercial travel is when you are coming across a business, your plane will land at a certain destination, for the duration of the journey. When you arrive, you have to report to the office, make a report, sign some papers, go to the post office and so on. Your purpose of travel is to deliver something.

Noncommercial travel, on the other hand, is basically any travel that is undertaken for pleasure. This can take the form of camping out, hiking, canoeing, swimming, riding a bike, sightseeing, visiting family and friends etc. In this type of travel, the primary objective is to have fun. Travel for a family member could be picnic trips, beach trips, driving tours, etc. Other common noncommercial activities include sky diving, surfing, sky-diving, rafting, trekking, white water rafting, camping and hiking.