What Is a School?

A school is an educational institution, where students receive instruction from trained teachers. Some countries make formal education compulsory. While some cultures have their own forms of education, formal education is the most common form. For the most part, schools provide learning environments and spaces for students. While students can attend classes at home or at the same time as their classmates, going to a school provides a more structured environment. Aside from providing a place for students to learn, a school is also a way for parents to keep an eye on their children.


A school is an educational environment that is required by law in many countries. The word “school” is often used to describe a preschool or kindergarten. However, in more recent times, it has come to represent a formal institution that helps students acquire knowledge. Some countries use the word “school” to refer to a university or college. Other countries use the term school to refer to a series of schools, including vocational schools and colleges. Although schools are often considered public and are usually free of charge, some require a small fee to get in.

The word school has a number of meanings, depending on its purpose. In the United States, it is usually a high-school or college. It can also be a kindergarten or preschool for toddlers. Across continental Europe, school refers to educational institutions at any level. In Germany, students are expected to enter a Gesamtschule after they finish their primary education. In some countries, the word can refer to a secondary school, which is a four- or five-year educational institution.