What is Sports?

Sport is a competition between two physical competitors which utilizes physical power, skill, speed, or agility. It involves the use of one body part (arms, legs, etc.) while using the other body part (mouth, head, etc.) for support. Typical sport activities include running, throwing, catching, rebounding, skating, rugby, tennis, football, soccer, bicycling, wrestling, boxing, fencing, gymnastics, motor-cross, fencing, and skiing. Other sports may include bicycle racing, canoeing, hiking, diving, skydiving, sky-diving, cycling, horseback riding, and bicycling.


Each sport has rules which help to determine the level of physical activity that is required of participants in the competition. A sport which requires only a little physical activity is generally known as a contact sport, while a sport which requires participants to use every part of their body for both the winning and losing of the game is called an athletic competition. A game that is won by a certain number of points is called a championship. Sports that require participants to use speed, agility, strength or stamina are called high-performance sports.

Each sport has specific equipment which enables players to compete. In most sports, players wear protective gear such as helmets, gloves, padding, jerseys, and training shoes. Sports equipment varies greatly and is dependent on the type of sport in question. Most sports equipment is designed to protect the player from bodily harm, but many also promote health and fitness. The sport of kickboxing can be considered a martial art because it takes the combination of kicks, punching, and blocks which each build strength and stamina.