Why Do We Have Professional Schools?


Why Do We Have Professional Schools?

A school is an education establishment designed to offer learning places and learning environments especially for the training of students under the supervision of qualified teachers. In most advanced countries, however, there are systems of open enrolment, which can be optional or mandatory. In such systems, prospective students apply for admission and receive financial aid for their higher studies. The process of admission to a school is typically based on the eligibility for admission, whether the child has a poor or good educational record and any other considerations that the school may have. A school usually has several grades and levels, with the lowest being primary school level.

Open enrolment usually means that a school comprises people from different social and economic backgrounds and offers various educational opportunities, depending on the age and nature of the child. One of the most prominent figures in the development of post-secondary education in China is the late German philosopher and thinker Karl von Clausewitz. A favourite work of his is The Art of War, written in 1899 and the inspiration for many future military leaders including General George S. Patton and Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery.

Students entering school today have an array of choices. They can choose to study online, take part in a full-time faculty, enroll in a distance education program, or pursue a bachelor’s degree at a traditional university. A significant number of recent college graduates in the United States have been inspired by the stories of academic heroes such as George Washington, who became our first president, and Thomas Jefferson, who is considered the father of the United States. Many textbooks, movies and television programs feature the stories of these historical figures, who helped shape our nation. Today, many young people consider studying politics as an important part of their career and maybe even a future profession. So the choice to attend a public school, private school or another type of institution should be made based on which direction that education will take your life.