A Universal Message of Sport

Sport is defined as the most enjoyable experience of our organism. It is defined by an eminent American author as “the human game”, adding “the only thing that makes it really go”. Physical play is regarded as a very important mode of learning, development and interacting with others. Sport provides a platform for social interaction and provides a means of learning to every individual. Sports like cricket, football, soccer, gymnastics, swimming, cycling etc are very popular among all the children and adults all over the world.

In the recent times, sports and recreational activities have become so common that the sporting events have been organised in different countries as part of a sports festival or a game. Different countries have different ways of organising these sports festival. Most of the times the event is organised to celebrate some occasion or the other or some player or member of the team. In countries like Australia, where there is a large sporting tradition, football in particular, is almost like a religion.

Cricket world cup 2021 is one such example. It has been an incredible experience for fans to see their favourite players participate in the tournament. This is the biggest and the most awaited event in cricket history. Not only the fans but the viewers as well have been enthusiastic about this.