An Introduction To Sport


An Introduction To Sport

“Sport” is one of the most vague terms in the English language, with many people believing that it refers to any activity where participants engage in physical contact with each other. However, that is certainly not the case. “Sport” simply means any type of physical activity, which via organised or casual participation, attempt to demonstrate or improve physical fitness, form social relationships, get results or demonstrate skills in competition at every level.

When deciding whether or not an activity is a sport, governing bodies such as Sport England firstly look to see how it meets the definition above, and if it does then what activities fall into that definition. The next step is to consider how well it fits into the National Lottery, the Welsh Assembly’s Sport Council, UK Sports Festival, UK Triathlon Union, British Skiing Association and similar bodies. It may be recognised as a sport if it has been carefully and skilfully developed by an independent judging panel, and the activities involved meet certain criteria, for example skill development, safety, enjoyment and competition standards. Competitions, awards, prizes and terms of participation may also vary between different competitions, so it’s worth getting an idea of what’s on offer before committing to taking part. A good sport could have several different criteria, and you should always check the regulations for any event you’re thinking of taking part in.

The last point to make is that sport can also mean participation at a professional level, and in this instance I would include such people as golfers, basketball players, tennis players, swimming performers and race walkers. It is widely accepted that golf is a competitive sport, but it is also recognised that people of all ages, from baby to grandma can enjoy the game. Michael Brown won the British Darts Championship in 2021, but didn’t start playing seriously until he was 14. He has become a name and a brand in himself and achieved a lot through his association with Britain’s largest leisure centre, Lanes, and his own party, the Libdem Appeal. His achievements have enabled him to get an MP, cycles McKnight, into his shadow.