An Outline Of How To Start A School

A school is an educational establishment designed for the education of children under the supervision of qualified teachers. Most developed countries now have systems of public elementary education, which may be compulsory. In such systems, children progress from a group of nursery schools, junior schools, secondary schools and so on, till they reach the age of school going age. A school offers many advantages to parents. Firstly, a school provides a structured routine, day in and day out, that can help children grow up well.


Secondly, there are some exemplary sites located near schools that offer complete facilities for learning. These can include playgrounds, science labs, art galleries, gardens, swimming pools, libraries, gyms, libraries and more. Such exemplary sites are usually located near the elementary schools, or even in town centres or village centers. A few of these exemplary sites are mentioned below.

The Central University is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is one of the prominent universities of South-east Asia and was established in 1957. This university has exemplary sites which include a fine museum, an auditorium, a library, art gallery, a seminar hall and a cafeteria. There are some exemplary teachers at this university who teach a social service oriented curriculum to students.