Why Does One Need To See Food As A Source Of Nutrition?

Food is any material consumed in order to provide nutrition to an organisms. In order for a person to survive, he must consume food regularly. Generally, in a human being, food comprises of cereals, starches, vegetables, fruits, meats, legumes and grain products. Food provides all the proteins, vitamins and minerals which are required by the body. Food helps to maintain a healthy body weight, regulate metabolism and also serves as an energy supply.


Most people consume foods in order to meet their basic requirements and they do not pay much attention to the nutrition of the food they consume. The process of food processing techniques has greatly improved the nutrition of the foods, but some methods are harmful for the food. Some food like sugar, salt and artificial flavors are highly processed. These chemicals add to the fat content and shorten the life span of food. So, it is necessary that the processing methods of food are reduced to enhance the nutrition of the food.

One should also see food as a source of energy, instead of seeing it as a source of nutrients. A person should consume food in balanced proportions, taking care to consume more of carbohydrates rather than having too much of fats. It is also important to consume a good amount of water to retain the moisture in food, as having excess water in the body will make one dehydrated.