Main Article: What Is Health?

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is a state of full physical, emotional and social well being and not just the absence of illness and disease. Numerous definitions have been applied to health, with some being even more specific than the other. An important feature of health is its relation to the concepts of wealth and health, two concepts that are closely linked but not the same. These two are inextricably interlinked when it comes to creating a definition of health that covers both poor health and good health.


The main article that this article seeks to define health as well-being is intended to cover what is meant by the various definitions. The main article will focus on the idea that health can be achieved through a combination of three elements. These three elements include the total condition of the person, his or her relationships with other people, and his or her capacity to carry out his or her activities of daily living. A total condition of the person refers to how he or she walks, talks, sleeps, eats, and works. On the other hand, his or her relationships with other people includes his or her competence in making friends, developing bonds, working successfully, managing expectations, and dealing with everyday life stresses.

A main article that examines the idea of mental health also covers the idea that it is associated with a state of wellness. People who have high levels of well-being are able to enjoy better health conditions than those who have low levels of well-being. The main article also seeks to explore some of the major limitations that exist in terms of treating mental illnesses. While a large number of individuals who experience a mental illness can take advantage of a number of treatment options, they often suffer from serious side effects that affect their ability to live their normal lives.