What Is a Designer?


What Is a Designer?

A designer is someone who plans out the shape or design of something before it’s even made, by sketching or drawing out plans. Designers are usually hired by people to help them create something new, or to give them an idea for a new type of product they might want to make. They can also be a businessperson who designs their own company logo and products to sell. Whatever they choose to design, it’s obvious that they love what they do, as it shows in the work they do.

Designers can have many different specialties or skills, depending on what they’re designing. Some specialize in industrial designs or buildings, while others may specialize in furniture designs. There is even a designer known as a typist, as they are responsible for the artistic designs that are often found on business cards, websites, and other types of paper. Sometimes designers will work with film makers and cinematographers, creating special effects that enhance the product or film that the designer is working on.

The majority of designers work for commercial companies, although there are some designers who are freelancers and can do anything they want. The most common areas of designer work are in the film and television industry, but designers can also be found in advertising, art galleries, music bands, photographic firms, fashion magazines, restaurants, and even toy manufacturers. Their job duties can be as varied as their imagination. Designers range in experience from a one-person operation, to a studio or large firm. Those who work as freelancers do not have the schedule flexibility that is available with larger companies, but the ability to work on their own schedule, from wherever they choose.